Conferences & Corporate Events

At Omni, not only can we shoot your conferences and meetings, we can stream them live across the internet for anyone to view. Additionally, we can provide full digital archives of all your presentations. These archives can be uploaded to a video server such as YouTube or Vimeo, embeded into your existing website, or saved to DVD. No matter how you choose to utilize your material, you can rest easy knowing that everything is backed-up and readily available to anyone you wish to share it with.

Motion graphics video production-NPE 2015

The International Plastics Showcase: NPE 2015 (15:28)

Green screen composite
Motion graphics

Corporate training video production-Capitol Services

Capitol Services - Enchanted Forrest (3:08)


Corporate training video production-Power Portable

Power Portable demonstration (2:06)

Corporate training video production-HD Supply

YMCA Celebration of Prayer 2014 (4:41)

Corporate training video production-PDI

PDI: Germ Wars (7:15)


Corporate training video production-SNL

SNL (1:55)


Corporate training video production-National Restaurant Association

National Restaurant Association (2:52)

Corporate training video production-Protect! Don't Infect!

Protect! Don't Infect! :30 PSA (0:30)

Corporate training video production-Children with Diabetes

Children with Diabetes (3:33)


Corporate training video production-RNCPA

NCPA Ride the Independant Wave: Ft. Lauderdale (5:26)

Corporate training video production-Harland

Harland Connections: San Diego (9:19)