Non profit and charity organizations have special communication needs. Their goal isn't to sell you a product or service. No, typically they want to touch a viewer's heart and encourage them to give of themselves. As such, their video needs differ significantly from "for profit" companies. The ultimate goal is to tell powerful stories that will move the audience to action.

Whether your goal is fundraising, to build awareness or to recruit volunteers, video is the perfect medium to to reach viewers on an emotional level.

At Omni Productions, we've worked with a wide range of non profit groups to create compelling videos. From local churches, child advocacy agencies and private schools to large organizations like The YMCA, American Cancer Society and The American Heart Association we've been honored to that help them fulfill their mission.

Nonprofit video production-Valencia College-Sketch

Valencia College: Sketch Animation (10:25)

Motion graphics

Nonprofit video production-UCF

University of Central Florida-College of Business (3:33)

Green screen composite

Nonprofit video production-Two6 Resources

Two 6 Resources, Inc (5:12)

Nonprofit video production-Valencia College

Valencia College: Learning Day (2:38)

Nonprofit video production-Admetsys

YMCA: Listening & Learning (8:27)


Nonprofit video production-YMCA: Social Responsibility

YMCA: Social Responsibility (4:02)

Nonprofit video production-YMCA

YMCA: Day in the Life of a Camper (4:31)

Nonprofit video production-Crosby YMCA

Crosby YMCA: Equipment & Staff (1:46)

Nonprofit video production-Make-A-Wish: Colton

Make-A-Wish: Colton Seybert (8:34)

Nonprofit video production-Make-A-Wish: Kellen

Make-A-Wish: Kellen Walden (9:17)

Nonprofit video production-Our Lady of Lourdes

Our Lady of Lourdes (4:52)

Nonprofit video production-Two6 Resources

Keep America Fishing (0:30)

Green screen composite

Nonprofit video production-ACS

American Cancer Society (4:56)

Nonprofit video production-Family Services of Metro Orlando

Family Services of Metro Orlando Ask Event (9:12)