Whether you want to archive the general sessions and/or breakout sessions for your conference, or you’re looking to create a highlight reel to promote next year’s event, hiring a video production company to shoot video footage at your next corporate event or conference can be a cost-effective way to extend the reach of your event. In addition, many conference organizers even monetize the video content behind a pay-wall on their website to generate pay-per-view or subscription revenue to help fund other operations. Make sure to consider these variables when choosing a video production company to capture video at your conference:
  • Concurrent events? Make sure to tell the producer if there are multiple corporate events happening that need to be captured on video. Sometimes this can be achieved with a single crew. However, other times a second crew may be needed. Your producer can help you define the scope of work.
  •  Is the corporate event or conference an opportunity to capture interviews? Sometimes conferences present a unique opportunity in that key members of your organization and/or exhibitors are all in one place at the same time. While capturing their stories might otherwise be prohibitively expensive, testimonial interviews while they’re available could be a cost-effective solution.
  • Consider a quick-turn edit. Often called a “happy-face” or “candid” video, these quick paced edits highlighting the conference’s events can be played back at the closing session as a send-off to attendees. More importantly, such a video can be used to create excitement for the next event.
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