Watch as event organizers share their virtual event experiences

In many cases, the process of planning an event starts with the review of a previous event  – to be used as a template. But what happens if the logisitics of a previous event no longer apply?   Let’s face it, for the foreseeable future, events are simply going to be different.  Even as the economy begins to open up after Covid-19, it’s going to take quite a while before events go back to the way they used to be – if ever. That’s a roadblock many event planners are facing now as they can’t simply recycle the previous plans.
While that roadblock is very real, the good news is that it’s not insurmountable. Start by shifting your focus away from previous logistical plans and zero in on the attendee, exhibitor and sponsor experience. What do each of these stakeholders need from your event?  How many are able to participate in-person vs virtually?  How much of the in-person “content” of your event can be mirrored in a virtual environment?
That’s where Omni Productions can be helpful.  We start the process by asking these and many other questions so that you can start to discover ways to employ event technology that allows you to re-think your event so that you meet or even exceed your objectives.  In fact, some event organizers have actually increased paid attendance as virtual attendees don’t have travel costs to contend with.
To learn more about each of the event organizers, watch their full interview for more in-depth details about their event and how they successfully managed their virtual event.

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