When done properly, interview and testimonial videos can be a powerful messaging tool. Having real people tell their testimonial about their experiences with your company or organization lends credibility. Unfortunately, all too often, testimonial videos feel overly staged or rehearsed and can actually have a negative impact. Here are a few tips to make sure that doesn’t happen:
  • Make sure that you select a diverse group of interview subjects that are representative of the audience you want to appeal to. When considering diversity, think beyond gender, age and ethnicity. Consider industry and positions too. For example, if you’re a B2B company that sells to a variety of industries, getting interview video subjects from as many of those key market segments is vital.
  • Consider the interview video location. Does the location lend itself well in terms of the look, lighting and audio environment? You want your audience focused on what the interview subject is saying and not be distracted by the environment he or she is in.
  • Work with a producer who understands the dynamics of making people comfortable on camera. There’s so much more than just coming up with a list of questions. If you don’t have a qualified interviewer on your team, make sure the video production company does.
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