Charities and other not-for-profit organizations have a special place in our hearts. They make our world a better place to live. They impact lives for the better – both for the recipients of services and the volunteers who make it happen. As such, as a video production company, Omni is committed to helping as many of these organizations tell their stories as possible. Here are a few ways non profits use video to tell their story and how Omni can help sponsor part of the production costs:
  •  Share Your Mission. Helping prospective volunteers and donors understand what you do is a great way to get started. Think of this kind of explainer video as the “elevator pitch” you might deliver in person when you get the opportunity.
  •  Take a Deeper Dive. Once people understand “what you do” the follow-up is to explain how you do it. We often recommend that you focus on the “how” by highlighting the “who” you help. This kind of story can be a testimonial or narrative based approach. Either way, actual stories of real people can be a powerful messaging strategy.
  •  Inspiring Action. Regardless of how you define success, it’s unlikely you can achieve it with a video unless it features a strong call to action (CTA). Telling your audience exactly how they can help your cause is critical if your intention is to drive action (signing up volunteers, raising funds, changing behaviors, etc.). If the video is played at an event it doesn’t have to have the CTA embedded directly in it so long as the CTA immediately follows the video (say from the stage). Regardless, make sure the audience understands what they need to do next if they want to help.
Will Omni help subsidize the production of you video? The short answer? Yes we can. We have a soft spot in our hearts for non-profits and as you can see from the samples on this page, we love to help them make a difference in our world. Can we do it for free? Unfortunately, we can’t. Like every other organization, we must pay our talented team of artists so they can feed their families – just like everyone else. What we can do is offer generous discounts and collaborate with you to find the most efficient approach to producing your video as possible. Sometimes we’ll even offer sponsorships depending on the distribution plan for the video.
If you’ve got a great story to tell, we’d love to help! Click on the “Start a Conversation” button below to speak with a producer.

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