Need to host an event? The first thing is to consider your options when in comes to the technology. Regardless of your needs, the Omni events team is ready to support you whether you’re planning an in-person, virtual or Hybrid event.
An event where both presenters and attendees are virtual, In some cases presentations can be live, pre-recorded or some combination of both. Typical technology requirements include:
  • On-Line virtual platform – From something as basic as Zoom or Skype to fully executed event platforms like REMO, Whova or VFairs.
  • Presenter/Speaker Support – Think of this as similar to back stage support for an in-person event. Here, our team will work with presenters to make sure their online connection, webcam and audio hardware is compatible and optimized for the best possible event experience for your attendees. We’ll also get them checked into a digital green room prior to the “stage” appearance.
  • Expo Hall – Like with traditional in-person events, expo halls represent great value to both attendees and exhibitors as opportunities to engage with each other. In the virtual world, your event can an unlimited number of booths and can be organized into separate “halls” making it easier for your attendees to browse various booths and even step inside to connect with vendors who are manning the booths during open hours. The booths can be custom designed and feature a library of images, videos and downloadable files such as brochures, spec sheets and other materials. Attendees and Exhibitors can even engage in private one-on-one conversations via chat or video conferencing.
  • Polls & More – Many virtual platforms offer enhancements such as polls, one-on-one meet ups, happy hours and much more. Features vary from platform to platform but the Omni events team can help you identify the needs of your event and make recommendations.
These events can vary from mild hybrid to full hybrid. A mild hybrid can be something as simple as live streaming the general session or breakout rooms whereas a full hybrid can mean that you’ve got attendees and presenters in both in-person and virtual environments where all (or just a select group) of participants can seamlessly interact with each other. The Omni Events Team has produced dozens of hybrid events and have the experience to guide you and recommend solutions throughout the planning and execution process. Things to consider when planning a virtual or hybrid event include:
  • Internet Bandwidth – Make sure to include dedicated internet bandwidth in your discussions with your event venue. Some properties tie internet service to other services (food and beverage, in-house AV, etc…) as a leverage point in negotiations. In some locations, we can provide our own LTE or 5G virtual private network (VPN) service at competitive pricing, but connecting to a venue internet service is preferred.
  • Experience matters – With hundreds of successful live events under our belt, it’s important to work with a production company that understands and can adapt to the many variables that can make (or break) a successful virtual event. From working with your venue to securing the correct internet bandwidth to assisting you in adapting the content of your event for an effective experience for your remote audience, it’s important to work with a live stream team that has a deep understanding of what can sometimes be a complex process.
  • Consider Security – If you want your event visible by anyone with an internet connection, we can use public platforms such as YouTube or Facebook. However, if you’re private, we can use private servers and pre-register the audience so that you have complete control of the audience so that your confidential information is seen only by those you authorize.
  • On demand playback –  We can make your event available to your remote audience as a re-play event extending the reach of your content to a wider audience. If you’d like, the reply can be “monetized” creating an additional revenue stream for event organizers.
An event where participants and presenters congregate at a venue such as conference center or hotel facility. The Omni events team can help you design the technology requirements you’ll need based on the size and scope of your event:
  • Projectors & screens
  • Audio Support
  • Staging, Lighting and Set Design
  • Video & Slide Deck Playback
These are but a few of the variables we’ll discuss with you to make sure your virtual or hybrid event meets your objectives. Want to learn more to see how Omni can help you plan your next event? Click on the “Start a Conversation” button below to speak with one of our live stream experts.

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