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There’s no easy answer for this question as production costs can vary depending on the number of variables. Simply put, time is money. Use of production equipment and scheduling of crew are the key factors in cost. Click here to read an in depth article that will help you prepare for a consultation with a producer. At Omni, we offer a no cost, no bull, no pressure consultation to help you understand the budgeting process. By the end of a short zoom or call, we’ll be able to provide you a rough range of production costs so that you can decide if you want to move forward.
This depends on your project's requirements and budget. Professionals bring expertise, but company employees can add authenticity and a personal touch. We can show you examples of both approaches.
There’s no single camera that perfect for every shooting situation. That’s why Omni has 15 cameras in our equipment inventory. Everything from Digital Cinema Cameras to Broadcast cameras and specialty cameras like drones and micro studio cameras that can be mounted in difficult situations.
Music selection is crucial. In many cases, music is one of the first elements we select in the post production process. as it determines the pace and overall mood of the video. The music can even influence how the footage gets shot. For example, faced paced music might suggest shorter clips and more aggressive camera movement whereas longer shots and gentle camera movement might be called for with slower music. That’s why music options and overall sound design is part of our pre-production process. At Omni we have an extensive library of licensed music to choose from and also have the ability to “re-orchestrate“ the music to enhance or limit the effect of individual instruments.