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Producing your own project and just needing some video production crew? Omni Productions will provide professional, experienced, and screened crew members for ANY support you need!

Why use Omni for your video production crewing?

  • Our staff and freelancers are professionals we know and trust and have worked with for over 20 years in the Florida market.
  • Mature, experienced professionals that show up, on time.
  • We know each crew member’s talents and skill level- you’ll get the right person for your project.
  • We can handle all the aspects of booking and payments- you can just create and produce!
  • We can provide video crews for Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami- and all places in between.
  • We also can provide professional broadcast equipment for your crew- from one-man band ENG to multi-camera switcher package.

We know each crew member’s talents and skill level so you get the right person for your project

Omni Crews in Action