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Studio production in our facility for convenience cost savings time savings better results

Our state-of-the-art video production studio offers a versatile space and the creative freedom to produce impactful videos.

Studios offer a controlled environment for optimal video and audio recording. Our 32.5’ x 23.5’ studio space includes a 13’ x 12’ curved hard cyc, DMX-controlled lighting grid, along with a fully equipped kitchen and comfortable green room.

The studio located in our facility helps make your video production more convenient and affordable, whether your production needs green screen, a constructed or virtual set, seamless color backdrops, or black limbo. Omni Productions is pioneering virtual production, along with Green Slate Studios, using Unreal Engine and green screen technology, opening up unlimited options for studio productions.

Our studio located on-site helps make your video production more convenient, affordable, and relaxing

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