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A Guide to Choosing the Right Production Company for Your Corporate Video

By Steve Martin, Founder, Omni Productions

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, corporate videos have emerged as powerful tools for both internal communication and marketing. A well-crafted corporate video can convey a brand’s message, showcase its values, and engage the target audience effectively. However, the success of such videos hinges not only on the content but also on the expertise of the production company behind it.

If you’ve been tasked with selecting a production company for your corporate video and you don’t have an established relationship with a producer, the first stop in your journey might start with an internet search of “video production company near me” or “video production companies in Orlando” or whatever city you are located in. Those searches will yield a mountain of results. Great! Now what?

How should I start?

Start by looking at a few websites. Are they a local firm, or an out-of-town company posing as if they are close with clever SEO marketing? Do you like the look and feel of the samples on their site? Narrow it down to a few companies and reach out to them and start your evaluation.

In an age of emails, chat apps, and text messaging there’s a temptation to communicate to route all your communications in that way. That’s fine for an initial connection, but I’d recommend a more personal approach when you get into the actual evaluation of the company. For example, you might send a message on their contact form that reads, “my company needs a video to promote a new product.”  Perhaps include some high-level details about what you’re looking for. Send the same message to 4 or 5 production companies to begin your evaluation.

Who responds? How quickly do they respond? What is their demeanor? In a perfect world, they’ll want to set up a call or zoom meeting to learn more about your project. Having your initial exchange on a call/zoom or even in-person is a valuable tool for your evaluation. You’ll see and hear the fluidity of their responses in real time – not a carefully crafted response that they deliver by email later. Does the person you’re talking to know their stuff?

The Questions are the Key

You’ll instinctively know within the first few minutes of the conversation if they’re a good fit based on the questions they ask. If the bulk of their questions are about technology, cameras, etc… they’re likely inwardly focused on their technical processes. But if the questions are about your organization, your needs and goals or the problems you’re trying to solve with the video, their focus is on the things that matter to you.  Here are few questions that you should be looking for:

  • What do you want the video to say?
  • Who do you want to say it to?
  • On what media will the audience primarily watch the video?
  • What do you want the audience to think, feel, or do after watching the video?

Of course, the tech and process matter – so if you have specific production questions, feel free to ask those questions too.  In most cases, the success of your video project will rest much more heavily on the four questions above than the tech or process used to create the video.

Let’s explore the other key factors to consider when selecting a production company for your corporate video through the lens of storytelling, audience engagement, and the crucial aspect of understanding the unique needs of your project.

Storytelling Matters

In a sea of content, storytelling remains the lighthouse that guides viewers through the waves of information overload. A compelling narrative can transform a corporate video from a mere promotional tool to a captivating story that resonates with the audience. When choosing a production company, prioritize those that understand the art of storytelling and recognize its significance in the corporate video landscape.

The first step is to evaluate previous work.  Look for videos that showcase a strong narrative structure, clear messaging, and emotional resonance. Have they produced videos similar to what you’re looking to do? A production company with a diverse range of storytelling styles demonstrates versatility and the ability to tailor narratives to different client needs – and not try to jam your story into their production style. Ask them to share details about the samples they’re providing. How long did this video take? Were there any challenges? How did they overcome them? An experienced producer will be able to field these questions with ease.

Client Referrals, Testimonials and Reviews

Client testimonials and reviews provide valuable insights into a production company’s ability to deliver on its promises. Ask them for names and contact info for the clients of the samples they are showing you.  Ask them about their experience of working with a production company. How well did they absorb and incorporate their client’s key messaging points and brand identity into the video?  Were they organized? Did they deliver on deadlines?

Video production is a collaborative process. Look for a company that values collaboration and encourages client input throughout the various stages of video production. If the finished video is good, but the production experience was lacking, the job is only half done.

This is also where process and personality questions come in. Will you be comfortable with the production team? That’s no small thing. You (or people on your team) will likely spend a lot of time with the production company. Are they friendly and accommodating? Will they anticipate problems in advance before they become failures? Yes, at the end of the day, it’s the finished product that matters most, but the production process shouldn’t feel like a chore. When done right, it can be a great experience for you and your team!

Audience Engagement

In the digital age, attention spans are fleeting, and competition for viewer engagement is fierce. A successful corporate video must not only convey information but also establish a connection with the audience . Choose a production company that prioritizes audience engagement and employs creative strategies to capture and maintain viewer interest.

Audience seated in an auditorium in front of a stage with a screen and open curtains waiting for the start of a film or live performance

Visual Appeal and Creativity: A visually stunning video can captivate viewers from the first frame. Assess the production company’s creativity by reviewing their previous work. Consider factors such as cinematography, animation, and overall visual aesthetics. An innovative approach to visual storytelling can set your corporate video apart in a crowded digital landscape.

Social Media Integration: The modern audience is active on various social media platforms. A production company that understands the nuances of each platform and can tailor the video for maximum impact is invaluable. Inquire about the production company’s experience with social media integration and their ability to optimize videos for different platforms, considering factors such as video length, format, and storytelling approach.

Understanding Client Needs: The Foundation of a Successful Partnership The collaboration between a client and a production company should be a symbiotic relationship, with both parties working towards a common goal. To achieve this, it is paramount that the production company thoroughly understands the client’s needs, goals, and brand identity.

Initial Consultation and Communication Skills: During the initial consultation, assess the communication skills of the production company. Clear and effective communication is crucial for understanding the client’s vision and expectations. A production company that actively listens, asks relevant questions, and communicates transparently is more likely to align with your goals.

Customization and Flexibility: Every business is unique, and a one-size-fits-all approach rarely yields optimal results. A production company that emphasizes customization and flexibility is better equipped to tailor their services to meet the specific needs of each client. Inquire about their willingness to adapt their processes and creative approach to align with your brand’s distinct requirements.

Collaborative Process: The best corporate videos are often the result of a collaborative process between the client and the production team. Choose a company that values collaboration and encourages client input throughout the various stages of video production. This ensures that the final product not only meets but exceeds the client’s expectations.

This is also where process and personality questions come in. Will you be comfortable with the production team? That’s no small thing. You (or people on your team) will likely spend a lot of time with them. Are they friendly and accommodating? Will they anticipate problems in advance before they become failures? Yes, at the end of the day, it’s the finished product that matters most, but the production process shouldn’t feel like a chore. When done right, it can be a great experience for you and your team.


No, I haven’t been avoiding the elephant in the room!  Of course, the production company you choose must be able to work within your budget.  Prices can vary from one production to another based on the details of the project.  How many days will it take to shoot? Are there multiple locations or just one?  How big of a crew is needed?  Are there complex editing effects needed? 











We’ll get into all of these in a separate blog post, but the point here when choosing a production company and the question of budget comes up, everything typically falls into one of three categories:

Pre-Production – This is the process of defining the project parameters, creative approach and logistics.  These activities can include scripting and storyboarding, location scouting, set design, talent selection and more.  Basically, just about everything that needs to be done before the cameras roll.

Production – This is the cameras, lights, sound and action.  The big variables here in terms of budget is production equipment and crew.  The longer it takes to shoot, the more it costs. There’s nothing more frustrating (and costly!) for client than having a crew standing around waiting for script changes and/or other decisions to be made on set.  That’s why pre-production is so important.

Post-Production – This is the process of gathering, evaluating and manipulating all the footage that was captured in production.  The better defined and executed the first two phases of the project were, the easier (i.e., less expensive) the post-production will be.  Making changes to the messaging at this final stage of the project can have a significant impact on your budget.

The basic outline above is “Production 101.”  So, ask the production company how they approach budgeting.  The answers should roll off the tongue with ease. If they aren’t forthcoming or ambiguous, be very careful.  Again, as mentioned above, doing this on a live call or zoom meeting can be very instructive.  To be fair, don’t expect a hard quote on the initial call – that’s simply not a reasonable expectation.  But a general breakdown of the budgeting process and maybe even some rough ranges if you’re able to provide enough information is reasonable.

Finally, look for the production company to suggest multiple uses for the footage.  For example, if you need to capture some interviews of executives or clients about a particular topic, it’ll only take a few extra minutes for each interview to get their thoughts on a different topic that you might use in a different way.  Or maybe a promo video can be shot in such a way that it can be used in different projects or formats (such as vertical format for IG or Twitter/X).  These re-purposing strategies can help you extend the use of assets produced on this project for another one and potentially offer significant savings.


I opened this article with “…if you don’t have an established relationship with a producer…” If that’s where you are on your journey, I’d encourage you to look at your next project as an opportunity to establish a relationship with a production company you’d want to work with again.  Experience matters- choosing a company with many years of experience over a new company or inexperienced producer will typically be a wiser choice.

On the first production, there’s always a bit of discovery and learning for both producer and client.  Learning your brand, preferences and how your organization works and processes decisions is an important part of being a good partner.

Remember to thoroughly evaluate the production company’s storytelling capabilities through their portfolio, client testimonials, and case studies.

Finally, prioritize a production company that values and invests in understanding your brand, ensuring a collaborative and customized approach to video production.

In the world of corporate videos, where competition is fierce and attention spans are short, the right production company can transform your message into a compelling narrative that not only informs but also resonates with your audience, leaving a lasting impression on your brand.

Steve Martin is the founder and owner of Omni Productions. A graduate of the UCF College of Business Administration (Marketing), Steve founded Omni in 1989 as a media production company specializing in high-end corporate video production. Omni’s work has won multiple awards and is known for its attention to detail, technical excellence, and storytelling.