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"Crimson Tavern"

LENGTH:  3:49

Crimson Tavern is a casual, contemporary restaurant & bar serving seasonal New American dishes at the Marriott Orlando Airport Lakeside.
Most airport hotel restaurants are thought of as just a convenient in-and-out sort of place. Marriott wanted to position Crimson Tavern as what it actually was: a premium dining experience. Good pre-production was essential to capture all the shots required since we had only one day to shoot. After a scout, we determined we needed a second crew to shoot only the food shots, along with a food stylist. To have the most control to help capture the dining experience, we hired 45 actors for shooting. If you’ve worked with talent you know that takes a lot of coordination! It was also quite a challenge to go from the indoor beauty shots to outdoor garden scenes in the same day, but we pulled everything off- on schedule and on budget. The video was shown on in-room TV, and the client reported restaurant sales went up 60%!