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ICAST is the “Super Bowl” of the sportfishing tackle industry. The annual Orlando event attracts tackle manufacturers and buyers from all over the world. 2023 was our third year of providing media service for the 4-day show. This included AV support for breakout sessions (some with multicamera switching) and shooting a ton of field segments. This involved managing several video crews, often functioning simultaneously, and editing social media segments on-site each day under tight deadlines.

Some outdoor shooting was required, providing a challenge from the Florida summer heat, and a rainstorm this year that drenched us while shooting a key segment.

Another challenge is covering the event in such a large convention floor space, and grabbing interviews from attendees just walking around the show floor.

This segment is just one of the many we produced. We’ve already been given more responsibility for 2024 show and are prepping for it even now!

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    Steve Martin

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    Xavi H. Gompa
    Sonix K. Paul