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Florida Insurance Trust

Welcome to the Florida Insurance Trust Educational Retreat

LENGTH:  2:43

When FIT received authorization from the Florida Office of Insurance Regulations on June 8, 2007, to begin operations, it became the first trust in Florida specifically designed to serve Florida’s not-for-profit community. In fact, due to the high standards required by the state to operate as a trust, FIT remains the only one.

This was our third year doing this retreat. Working with hotel staff and their vendors is always a challenge. A very early call time for our crew meant all had to be in place and coordinated so everything was ready to go for an early start. This event had two parts- training sessions during the day and a themed party in the evening. This was a logistics issue since the room had to be turned very quickly. Cable runs had to be planned and gear movement, plus a second crew came on to shoot the party with another set of equipment. All went well- yeehaw!